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How Pokemon Go Can Help You Promote Your Local Business

By Saleem | August 2, 2016 | 0 Comment

In just less than a week after the launch of Pokemon Go millions of people from all over the world are using this app on a daily basis and it has continuously got huge popularity day by day. Well, this is not just a game; it permits you to go out physically and interact with the world, and socially interact with others. If you learn this game, then you can linkage the power of this wonderful app to promote your local business.

Well, there is no doubt it just a great game and a most popular download. More than 60% of people who have downloaded this app are playing this on a daily basis. Now, this app has been normally used as an average of higher than 44 minutes a day, and its figure exceeds the usage time as compared to WhatsApp, messenger, Instagram and Snapchat. Conversely, several figures show that Pokemon Go passes daily users of twitter and it has been observing people were spending much time in this app as compared to Facebook. In short, you can say that it bypass all online platforms.  Now, people are getting more and more interested in this game. People are spending more time in a journeying for searching Pokemon that getting sore the legs while people playing this game for hours and there is no end because as much as you playing this game, your score level will increases.

Business peoples are alert, this surely the most brilliant opportunity for promoting your business because Pokemon Go users pass through their towns in a search of Pokemon, movie theaters, local stores, restaurants, gym, as well as other businesses places are make the most of this gigantic opportunity. Through intelligent thinking, you can divert a huge number of online and foot traffic towards your business point and for this; you need to formulate the creative marketing campaigns. Here are the tips through you promote your local business:

  1. Get Social

It is a great marketing strategy to connect with a game and take screenshots as well as post them on different social media platforms where are think your potential customers are active. It is nice to use hashtags like #pokemon and #pokemongo for effectively promoting your business.

  1. Keep Score

Put up the scoreboard around your business point announcing which team is leading, and then offer some discounts to members of that team. It will lead to elevate the interest of customers within your business place. You don’t have to worry about announcing winning team, you can ask those for this work who are participating in the promotion to update this.

  1. Giveaways

For boosting your business you can order for Pokemon accessories from a supplier that can customize this for your business promotion. It is a good way to attract potential customers towards your business. Additionally, for online marketing campaign you can Google search for the keywords with Pokemon ( Your business name) + any accessory name, this will help to increase your business appearance in online search results and you should possibly get what you trying to achieve.

  1. Buy Pokemon’s On Your Business Area

I think this would be the best marketing practice in future. Just imagine, how it is good to buy several Pokemon’s in the surrounding of your business area then begin a promotion that Pokemon’s are available in a specific time and who caught a high number of Pokemon on your business  point will get amazing discounts and surprise gifts. Later, get the winner snapshots and share this in your various marketing campaign.

  1. Take Your Business on the Road

If you have a mobile shop like a restaurant, newspaper shop, fashion retailer or other, then find the spot which is full of discovering Pokémon’s then it is a great opportunity for promoting your business and increasing sale. Now, it is time to stocking up your van with some of your newest antique discoveries. It’s summertime so does something creative, if you are a restaurant, then setting up your van near to the park or beach and starting barbecue would be the best option for you.

As you know Pokemon is everywhere, you need to go to the places where it is more possibility of discovering success. Take rewards from the places where you have groups of Pokestop. Furthermore, if there is more than one Pokestop into the similar block which normally takes place in a larger location, then park your van in the middle of them and enjoy several customer attractions at the same time.

  1. Promote Your Pokemon on Facebook

For any reason if you don’t have a good size of social media following and looking for the ways through you can drive more traffic, then Facebook advertising is your best tool for you. By creating a Facebook ad it’s only targeted your potential customers within your choice of a geographical radius. Within this, you could spread the word about your local Pokemon to only those group of people who likely to stop into your store.

Some people used the above technique for the purpose to promote their business and let’s read what they experience it:

“I own a mobile pizza shop and where I stand it is also a Pokestop. My business is rapidly growing and I had a good number of customer’s kids and mostly adults, come to my shop for a pizza and a drink until all Pokemon’s run out”.

“After dropping the lure last night into the shopping town, within only 30 minutes 75 customers walked in the store and our accessories sale greatly increased.



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