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Tips for Securing Word Press Blog from Spamming

By Saleem | February 11, 2016 | 0 Comment

Wordpress Spam

Nowadays, blogging is considered one of the most excellent facilities which is offered by internet to every of its users. In short, you can say that it is like a free hand weapon that you can easily exercise your freedom of speech. As moving the time, the blogging styles as well as the platforms of blogging are also continuously changing. As talking about the current days, then the huge number of bloggers gives their liking to the WordPress platform for blogging along with love to update latest content which totally depends on their mood, liking and schedule.

As discussing about the online visitor traffic, then these blogs play a vital role in giving general and research information about different topics to the online visitors. So for this reason, the security of their blogs that linked with WordPress is tremendously important for them. Well, as you know that hacking and security threats are rapidly increasing around the internet.

If your website or blog is not fully secured to battle with those threats for winning matches, then it is possible that you will be entered in a dark hole, where you have to live alone with your failures. Following are some tips for securing a WordPress blog from spamming and hacking. These tips surely assist to improve the level of security of your WordPress blog and fully making protecting it and become possible for you to free your blog from any spamming.

  • Tip # 01: The first thing you can start to do for securing t your WordPress blog is to delete the Administrator account from your WordPress Site or Blog, but make sure before doing this, firstly create the new user ID, which having a great number of administrator rights that is essential for the high security blog. If you are worrying about the process, then be relax the process is very much simply and you can easily execute through entering on your blog dashboard. Now, you just have to create a new user account and inserting every relevant information about you and your blog as well.
  • Tip # 02: This second tip is very much easier to implement as well as it is normally practiced by the professional beginner bloggers. Within this you just simply have to upgrade the modern versions of WordPress for your blog. The up gradation of latest of version of WordPress is more secure for your blog, because every modern version is formed through disregarding the drawbacks of the old version. For this, you can update the plugins for the modern version.
  • Tip# 03: With the utilization of WordPress Exploit Scanner, you can fully check your blog for any harmful scripts, links as well as codes. The majority of scammers or hackers normally paste any spam scripts and links within comment section of your blog. So from this way they can harm your blog to drive downwards in ranking as well as through this technique they can harm your Nobel visitors to stay away from your blog.
  • Tip# 04: The fourth tips are to formulate the tough User ID and Passwords that is extremely difficult to remembering for others peoples, but it is easy for you to remember it. With this, you can utilize some special characters as well as using some symbols to make your password stronger. As talking about only using numbers and names as a password, so it is also easy to crack from others. So it is good for security of your page is to hold a shift key and enter characters or numbers which is converted to be the special characters as your secured password and this will be problematic for others to easily crackdown.
  • Tip# 05: If you want to keep hackers away from your blog, then always holding a secret only with you about what type of WordPress version you are currently using for your blog. By following this useful tip, the hackers will keep away from your blog, because now it will be difficult for them to target on your blog.

Hackers always on a search to get informed about what WordPress version presently you are using, so related to that information, they can make and apply to tactics for hacking your blogs and utilize that for their personal interest. These above are the tips for securing word press blog from spamming and hacking. Now enjoy writing blogs and don’t get worried about the security of your blog.



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