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Some Inefficiency That Possibly will Damage Your Link Building Efforts

By Saleem | September 1, 2015 | 0 Comment


Nowadays, the process of link building is not an easy job to perform. It is a hard process even the most professional link builders don’t easily get success in their work. To become a top link builder and run a successful link building campaigns it requires so much hard work, dedication, experience and plenty of time. However, most of the time excellent results through the link building campaign can’t be so quick, as well as most of the time hurried link building campaign is not pay back you the superior results. Following are some discussions related to the inefficiency that possibly will damage your link building efforts.

Inefficiency # 1: Not Using the Strategies of Multiple Link Building

It is very common that we have fixed one strategy of link building for every client. But it is absolutely verified that this approach is simply not working every time and whenever it is working, then plenty of opportunities required for improvement.

Just imagine how inefficient it is to use resources and time on the creation of external content and its placement while your client already connected with public relations (PR) agency who landing them various online features.

Therefore, the superior use of your time and resources is made the follow up on all the coverage with the PR agency is getting that does not successfully get the positive results with links back to the client’s website. So you can make strategies for them for getting the online traffic to a client’s website. Additionally, through this your time on writing content and prospecting will be saved and you can spend more time on your link building strategies and business get the same.

Inefficiency #2: Not Become Successful To Capture Every Achievable Niche and Angle

If you have an SEO agency, then it doesn’t mean that your boundaries are concise to getting links only from SEO publications. Within the net of World Wide Web, there are the countless resources, broader terms, and areas where you can fit your work under the umbrella, including management, administration, marketing, finance, business, PPC, sales, social media and others. However, all of these niches have a plenty of news sites and industry bloggers covering them. There is no doubt in it, if you have not established as minimum five appropriate audiences for your outreach campaign, then it means you haven’t tried your best to find the right platform to paste your work.

Inefficiency # 3: Failing To Start the Process in a Right Time

If you have come up with a superb idea about the content to publish, but at the time your outreach team have not a plan to execute it, but supposing for getting the outstanding result then it is not true. However, when your team got the plan to attack online, then your superb content will be a week old, and if you should perform very quickly then it is possible your success shift in a failure.

On the other hand, if the piece of your content took a longer period to create, then your outreach team must be well aware about the specific time from the moment it was signed off for creation. As the plenty of time require for starting the networking process and making strategy to publish the content in a suitable place.

Inefficiency # 4: Not Working From the Single Excel Lists

When you are working on a link building campaign, then you are bound to work with same resources every time again and again. For the intention to save effort and time, it is important to create a single prospecting excel sheet for every individual client along with the technique of link building method as well as supervise your prospects there.

For simplified the process, you can use the function to copy and paste on tools like Linkclump. Through this in seconds you can get up to 100 Google search prospects at a single time within a one Excel spreadsheet.

Afterwards, you will be capable to add the additional columns next to the each prospect, and use them to make notes related to the contact information, relevance, significant metrics and anything you need to write about.

Every time you repeat the cycle on a list, you will get the fresh opportunities as well as you can add them into the bottom of your excel sheet. To eliminate duplication of resource, you can use the remove duplicates function within the Excel to avoid duplication of similar prospect anytime.

Inefficiency #5: Not Managing Your Outreach Prospects

It’s not a bad strategy to fire off approximately 30 to 40 or more emails in the morning to promote an extraordinary piece of content. But the bad thing is that how unorganized is it, when you perform the same process in a multiple projects without following any well-organized management process to take in place. In a current day, the majority of the websites will require to on the followed up before you receive a first response. On the other hand, others will ask for additional information, have needed to see your content at the time. While in another case scenario, a few prospects will inform you that they are not interested as well as requested you to not at all contact them again.

However, it is extremely significant for the most effective results, building relationships as well as for your own wisdom that you deal with all outreach efforts through utilizing well-organized methods that facilitate you to pick up where you left off the work from any given point.

For example, if any member of a sales team was forgotten to chase the business leads, and then you can throw the book on them. Moreover, the link builders should be in custody at the similar standard when we talk about to chase the link prospects.



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