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Google Latest URLs Presentation For Mobile Friendly Searchers

By Saleem | May 9, 2015 | 0 Comment

Google Mobile Friendly Url

Finally, the time has reached to get ready to face Mobilegeddon. After several years of experimentation, at this month Google has announced that those websites with having a clean design along with user-friendly interface surely attained the highest rank in a Google search engine. Additionally, Google says, an excellent structured website URls delivers the favorable reaction from the users. Moreover, this sort of URLs structure is less puzzled and generates a wonderful engagement in the middle of users.

Newly this month, Google publicized the updates related to the latest algorithm for the result of mobile searchers to pleasantly reflect the names of the websites, through using their names rather than the domain names. In this new system, breadcrumbs display your website URLs structure along with the navigation track from beginning to the finished of the page to assist your website visitors. Here is the example of the latest Google searches:

The new updated view of Google searches is like this:

                                                 Before                                                                            After

Mobile Friendly

This structure is very easy to understand as well as it will display the flow of your entire website internal pages in the platform of google search. Nowadays millions of internet searches are coming through mobile searches. Alternatively, the Google says, for superior search ranking results now it’s essential to upgrade or make a user and mobile friendly websites for better search results. Further, it says that those websites, blogs, and landing pages that are mobile friendly only will get the higher rank rather than others.

This update carried out to have an enormous impact on the SEPR results. As consider to the percentage figures, it’s said that higher than 70% of websites, blogs, as well as landing pages, will directly affect the influence of Mobilegeddon. Whereas, only 40% of websites internationally are currently having a responsive (mobile friendly), and only 65% of the wealth in the circle of hundred companies having enhanced websites for mobile users. Additionally, a large number of IT professionals sense that the Google’s latest algorithm update truly imposes a higher impact rather than the both Panda and Penguin updates.

Are You Really Ready For Change?

To give a safe side to your website, blog or a landing page, a world biggest search engine has explained two things to understand.

Firstly, clearly understand the meaning of mobile friendliness. Those websites that display well on the mobile screens, suitable space between the links, having text which is easy to read and user-friendly navigation system are all comes the list of mobile-friendly websites, blog or landing page.

On the other hand, Google also suggested some latest tools to use for webmasters to check their websites before finalizing, if it’s sufficiently optimized for the mobile devices. Additionally, the responsive sites will be listed with the tag of “Mobile Friendly” on the mobile SERP.

Secondly, tested your URL on the Google Tool, those websites that pass the test will be receiving the message as Awesome! Now that page is responsive (mobile Friendly), as well as the ones the site is failing, then the Google tool will provide the reason for such result. However, several people in these days making enjoyment through testing popular sites on this tool. Additionally, a few of the well-known sites that may have to face the testing procedure such as Windows Phone, Nintendo, American Apparel, David Beckham’s website and other websites.

Mobilegeddon is like the Storms of Change?

Nowadays Google is displaying the signs that indicate a change like a storm in the direction of Mobilegeddon. A few professionals believe it is workable too. Additionally, some of the experts until now suppose that content is king and the Google’s first slogan. However, quality and relevance of content play an essential role in measuring the worth of your site, but on the other hand, if your site content is excellent but your site mobile friendly then user may catch slowly content from your site because only desktop searchers may see your site rather than mobile searchers. Nowadays, a large number of websites deliver the highest quality content but having a lack of the user experience of the visitors. As because of around 65% of web traffic, in these days, connected from the mobile devices. So this makes the user experience more seriously. From the use of different mobile devices, the demonstration of a web page, text size, along with the navigation system have executed the enormous impact on the success or failure of a website.

Once It Was Punished, Will I Get Another Chance?

Get a striking hit from the Mobilegeddon is not like an end of the world. Certainly, your website may drop nearly 50% of online traffic. But, you can handle this through updating your site as mobile friendly and get back into the good books of Google.

Just Analysis Yourself Which Is Better?

Which kind of website is your opinion best for you? If you’re still having some uncertain in your mind, following are the pros and cons of two websites:

Pros of Mobile Sites:

  • Can be easily modified for the mobile users
  • Mobile sites are the best mobile-friendly version of the web page
  • Cheaper and Easier to design

Cons of Mobile Sites:

  • Require regular maintenance of the site
  • It takes the highest costs for updating the content of several websites
  • May require working again and again be meet the requirements of future browsers

Pros of Responsive Web Design:

  • It is extremely flexible as well as you only need to create one responsive website that works on all devices and easy to maintain
  • This configuration is recommended by the Google, so it assist in page ranking
  • Can become an asset for future because most responsive websites won’t require higher cost for the future maintenance to follow the latest browsers.

Cons of Responsive Web Design

  • Doesn’t alter all things in one time, you need to keep changing as technology changes

The Bottom Line

It has been concluded that It don’t matter what the type of your website is. It’s truly important what your website to be focused on along with what you require it to do. Always make your website user friendly, relevant and cooperative, so you will positively explore the opportunity to rank in Google organic search, regardless what type of website you have.



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