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SEO in 2015: Dos and Don’ts

By Saleem | March 26, 2015 | 0 Comment


In the sector of successful online marketing and exposure SEO is at the core and holds an undisputed place. No matter how beautiful, creative, and unique your website may be, if good and updated SEO tactics are not considered and undertaken, your website will lack that online exposure and traffic which is to be your keenest goal to setup an online presence. Apart from this, the administrative search engine on the web Google has shunned it emphasis on the link-building only as a way to get your exposure, but it is now more keen and focused on the content and design of a supreme website.

Since both the designing and content of a site is structured according to SEO guidelines, web-owners must give a lot of focus and energy particularly to this sector to be in accordance with latest SEO guidelines as proposed by the master search engine Google. Obviously, SEO will going to be the key deciding factor in the year 2015 for a successful bunch of sites, let us now look on to some of the dos and don’ts of SEO in 2015.

Dos of SEO in 2015


Targeted Keywords

An authentic keyword research with an added knowledge of SEO is the only way a writer can produce complete SEO friendly articles for the web. Therefore, you should procure yourself and target keywords that are most relevant to your business and integrate those targeted keywords in your content at a density of no more than 1.5% to 2.5%. Keyword stuffing or a high density to gain place in the searches has become a tactic of by gone eras and is now open to be easily flagged by the Google as spamming thus devaluing and harming the reputation of your site.


Importance Of Having A Domain

Having a domain is the personification of genuineness and validness of a website in these days. People are the lot more comfortable with the sites that have a personalized and SEO’d domain name instead of being free like or Also, domain names play a very significant role in SEO of your site. Domain names also represent your brand as well as being your website’s URL. Therefore, the best way to structure your domain which also makes the search engines happy is to keep it short, use an easy and searchable name, contains main keyword of your site, and should sound professionally in the end like .org or .in rather than old and simple .com.

Website Title

Search Title Of Your Site

Titles are the gateways to your site since they appear in the search engines whenever someone searches a query in accordance to your niche. Also, since it is a crucial aspect of your on-page SEO, the title of your website should portray the main keyword of your website. Keywords are known to function more effectively when integrated with the title.


Length Of The Content

The days of short 200 to 500 words content has now become a faded solution to get recognition and exposure. Google is more focused to crawl larger content that provides unique, detailed, and keen information on any topic that can highly satisfy the knowledge thirst of a reader. Therefore, the recommendation is to write at least 500+ words on any topic with keeping emphasis on high-quality writing and information to rank higher in the searches. The more the information and good content is the more your site will rank higher and higher.

Image Tag

Alt-Image Tags

Google cannot crawl over the graphical objects or other multimedia on the site such as images. For this, Google has an image search option on its search engine where people search for specific images pertaining to specific queries. In order to obtain higher visibility, the use of alt-image tags is the best SEO tactic that is in usage currently. One can use and put their keywords as the name of the images on their site which both Google crawler will crawl when searched for the niche you are in and remarkably increases the chance of your images coming in top results of the searches. It is more worthy when you use unique and highly creative original images that are different from the rest.

Internal Links


Internal-linking within the site has its own value and significance for the SEO in the 2015. Google recognizes this kind of link building procedure now days and supports it with open arms. You can interlink the pages and articles within your site that can ease the reader to circulate and investigate different topics of knowledge within the site easily. However, make one thing a surety that all of your links should have to be Do-Follow since you have to give value to the passing links within your site.

Meta Description


It was there since the beginning and it is still valued a lot of mere importance for any website that wants to do good SEO on their portal. Meta-descriptions appears under the title in the search engine results that will include your website as well. Meta-descriptions play a very vital role in obtaining you a click through rate (CTR) and could imminently influence your SEO rankings as well. Therefore, meta-descriptions should be created with thoughtful effort for both obtaining higher rankings and attracting the reader to convert them into your visitor.

Now, let us shed some light upon the don’ts of the SEO in 2015.

Don’ts of SEO in 2015


Too Much Optimization

Just like everything in this world that has its advantages and disadvantages SEO too has its own. Either your site if not properly optimized won’t appear in the searches or if too much optimized it will be flagged by Google for spamming. In order to avoid this situation, consider some of these important steps:

  • Do not use your keywords on the site randomly
  • Do not create excessive titles of more than 70 characters
  • Avoid repeating keywords consecutively in description and titles


Same Description For Every Page

This is a tactic done by those pupils who little understand the importance of creativeness and lacks the commitment and hard work. By applying the same description, for every page on your site will decidedly devastate and destroy your SEO rankings. This action is also flagged as heavy spamming. Therefore, the key is to better give some time to write each description creatively rather than copy-pasting from one page to all.

Spammy Domain

Spammy Domain

In order to procure and keep your respect in the eyes of all major search engines, better avoid utilizing Spammy domain names as well as hosts that have been flagged. Along with this effort, also avoid associating yourself with other websites and blogs that are spammy. Actually, the fact is this that there are many hosting services that claims to be free and this exactly where you will come across many Spammy domains and sites within the circle. Therefore, it is always best in your interest to avoid them and rather spend some money to buy a clean and fresh domain by a reputable domain host.

Outbound Links

Excessive out-bound Links

Although, at times we might need outgoing links for references and or a part of a resource but clearly keep this in mind that too much of an out-bound links might well be flagged by Google. So, the idea is to keep outgoing links as minimal as possible and specially avoid making them Do-Follow, but make them No-Follow.

A Higher Keyword Density

Depending on the size of your content, as we have mentioned above, a keyword density of 1.5% to 2.5% is just remarkable. Other than that, if your keywords density rises above 4%, and in some cases more than 5%, you will get your website being penalized by Google for excessive keyword integration. Therefore, always keep the recommended ratio and your site will get higher ranks.

Avoid Using Same Alt-Tags For Images

Like the guidance for meta-description above, never use the same alt-tags for every image in your website. Unfortunately, most of the folks, if cares for the meta-description, does not even consider to bother about image alt-tags and in the end hurt their search engine rankings effectively. Likewise, for the same alt-tags in images your website will be seen as Spammy by Google and can destroy your standing in the niche you are in.

Copied Or Low Quality Content Is Extremely Dangerous

In today’s Google rules & regulations about SEO, copied and or low quality content is the worst factor where most of the sites are being penalized by the search engine giant. According to the novel update of Google Panda 4.1, it has a set of very complex and wise algorithms that will catch straightaway a copied or low quality content easily and put the web-owner in a lot of trouble and money-loss. The value of high quality and original content is this that instead of putting 100’s of low quality and copied content on your site to get exposure, put in just one high quality detailed content and it will surpass the exposure rate given by 100 cheap contents on your site.

So, these were some of the most major SEO dos and don’ts in 2015 which certainly should be a priority on your consideration list while managing your online appearance. It is highly a possibility that unless you choose to go forward managing your SEO matters according to the updates released by Google frequently the chances of your online reputation will always be on higher stakes. Therefore, keep doing the do’s and strictly avoid the don’ts of SEO in 2015 and possibly the years to come if you want to succeed online.


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